Saturday, June 13, 2009


Deysvtie game ARMA 2 spread in 2009, in the fictional state Chernarus, formerly part of the Soviet Union. For two years, where civil war. You'll be playing for the leader of the reconnaissance group of marines United States. You, along with his squad going into Chernarus to prevent further civilian casualties and ensure stability in the country.
ေအာက္ကေပးထားတဲ့လင့္ကေန ေဒါင္းလုိက္ပါ ရလာတဲ iso ဖုိင္ကုိ nero 8 (or) 9 နဲ႔ DVD burn လုိက္ပါ ... အဲ့ဒါဆုိ ကစားလုိ႔ရပါၿပီ ..

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